Who's She : game fighting gender bias

Play Who's She? and explore inspiring stories of women from around the world, representing different fields and eras. From Hatshepsut to Frida Kahlo.

We originally designed the game in wood, so it's made to last for generations. Now available in various editions and languages.

How to play?

Discover more stories

Our modular system allows adding more inspiring women to the game!

Choose among our 21 additional sets, mix & exchange the stories and create your own custom game.

Expand with our limited edition sets containing such superstars as Patti Smith, Mae C. Jemison, Helen Keller or Chimamanda.

★ compatible with wooden modular games only

Additional sets

In our games we put only women, to show that girls can do anything, even if someone says 'It's a boy thing!' ♀

  • Made of wood

    For a solid, natural feel and durability, Who's She? is made of beautiful Baltic birch & poplar wood. It is designed to last for years and pass to next generations. 

  • Watercolor portraits

    Who's She? features stunning, hand-drawn, watercolor portraits created by Polish artist Daria Gołąb.

  • Laser cut precision

    We do our best to deliver top-notch quality. That's why the game is made with high precision lasers.
    YES! Women rock lasers too!

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