WHO'S SHE? modular game

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WHO'S SHE? is a 2-player tabletop game about courageous women who changed the world. From Hatshepsut to Serena Williams. Discover their incredible adventures!

Now it's also modular! You can mix and exchange categories to build your own game.

More stories available here.

Guess their identity by asking about their accomplishments, NOT their appearance; with questions like: Did she win a Nobel Prize? Did she make a discovery? Was she a spy?

The original game includes 6 sets: scientists, activists, leaders, bias fighters, creative minds, fastest & strongest.

Inside the box :

2 boards, each with 24 flaps featuring stunning watercolor portraits printed directly on wood (27x27 cm)
2 legend strips to help you understand the icons
24 biography cards full of fun and interesting anecdotes to learn a bit more about our mighty women
the rule-book

THIS (modular) version is now available in ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN and GERMAN! The additional sets are available in these languages as well.