Hello, I'm Zuzia Kozerska-Girard, the foundress of Playeress. 

My journey with design started in Barcelona, where I studied, then I lived in Bristol and Paris, to finally take the risk and to launch my own projects in my hometown : Warsaw. Five years ago, in 2013, I created Valek Rolling Pins - wooden engraved rolling pins to emboss pastry with fun patterns. It gave me a great experience about managing a whole project (30 000+ sales and tons of 5-stars reviews): I had to be simultaneously CEO, factory worker, designer, after sales... 

I decided that I had to launch a new project that was really meaningful to me. I got the idea of making a women powered board game. So I founded Playeress. I wanted to make it meaningful, fun and durable. 

With the support of +6 500 backers who helped launched our project via an amazing crowdfunding "Kickstarter" campaign in December 2018 (3300% funding!!!), we have been able to bring the project to life and making "Who's She" our first women powered boardgame!

We were (and still are!) overwhelmed by the success of the campaign which completly changed the scale of the project. We are now a small team of 4 - 75% women! - working everyday with local polish suppliers to assemble & ship from our workshop more "Who's She" accross the world!

To get a better sense at who we are, how & why did I come up with this idea and how your "Who's She" games are built, take a minute to watch our DW Euromaxx TV interview made for International World Women's Day 2019.