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🟣 WHO'S SHE? wooden modular game

🟣 WHO'S SHE? wooden modular game

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This WHO'S SHE is the second edition of the two player tabletop game about fearless women who changed the world. 

The purple edition is an entirely new collection of 24 extraordinary women from all over the world. Each biography card tells an incredible story of a woman who made a difference. From Ada Lovelace to Simone de Beauvoir. Do you know them all?

Guess their identity by asking about their accomplishments, NOT their looks, with questions like: Did she win a Nobel Prize? Did she make a discovery? Was she a spy?

Inside the box : 

  • 2 modular boards, each with 24 frames featuring stunning watercolor portraits printed directly on wood
  • 24 biography cards packed with fun and interesting anecdotes
  • 2 legend strips to help you understand the icons, and get you started easily
  • the rulebook

Who's She game contains six sets:  
- US Champions of Change
- Teen Power
- Fearless 
- Into the Nature
- Game Changers
- Sky is the limit  

Now you can easily add & exchange the stories in the game!


The modules also gives you the possibility to upgrade Who's She to a PRO LEVEL of difficulty, and hide the icons on the board to play without them! Play and check if you REALLY know everything about these iconic women!

We say a firm no to plastic - that's why the game is made of Baltic birch & poplar wood for a solid, natural feel & durability. 

All the beautiful watercolor portraits are hand-painted by Daria Gołąb.

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