How to Play? 🎲📙

1️⃣ Set up 

Who's She? is a game for 2 players. Each of you takes 1 board and 1 legend. Flip all the frames, so you can see all Who's She? characters.

2️⃣ Get to know her(story) 

Draw your secret character out of biography cards and place it in front of the board.

3️⃣ Ask smart questions

Ask only one closed-ended question per turn (those requiring a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer) to eliminate as many characters as it's possible. Use legend as a guide to ask questions based on the icons and the information about women.

4️⃣ Aim

Guess your opponent's mighty woman before they guess yours!

For full list of women whose stories can be found in Who's She board games, click here.